A tick off my bucket list…lessons from an event with Richard Branson

In all my life, I’ve never been to an event that inspired me so much, brought me to tears, made me laugh and led me to take so much action immediately after the event. This was an event like no other I had ever been too. It was Inspire and Succeed presented by the team at Success Resources.

My Bucket List

It was mid-November and I was reviewing my 2019 goals list. I was thinking about all the things I’d planned to achieve this year and how many of those had eventuated (and which ones hadn’t). At that moment, I noticed an email arrive from Business Chicks, Australia’s largest and most influential community of women. The subject read ‘Your exclusive invitation to Richard Branson’s private island’.

The Event

I had no expectations for the event, I knew nothing about the agenda, speakers other than Richard. The event was in Brisbane, I stayed across the road at the Rydges Hotel. I arrived the night before so I could be ready for what I hoped was a jam-packed event of energy, learnings, and atmosphere.

Michael Crossland — he made me laugh, he also made me cry



Responsibility _____________________________________________




David Leon — The Spiwi Wealth Mentor

Greg Secker — Founder of the worlds #1 trader coaching company

Graeme Holm — Australia’s №1 Broker of the Year

Lisa Messenger — Fast Thinking Founder & Editor in Chief at Collective Hub

Adam Hudson — Amazon Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

When Adam arrived, I wasn’t sure what I was going to learn from the Amazon Expert. Adam started to share how he has built a multimillion-dollar empire by selling and teaching others to sell on Amazon in an efficient way. Doing so by helping people to understand how to capture trends, follow them and then do it better than the competitors.

Sir Richard Branson — Founder of 400 companies, employer of 71,000 people and the most followed person on LinkedIn

One of the things I loved about Richards’s interview is his approach to how to cope and manage as a business begins to scale/grow and gets real traction. How does he recommend business owners approach this?

Richard’s advice was to focus on the inner circle first and foremost and move outwards as you can which is what he has done in his career and in life. Below is an example of what I imagine he meant when suggesting that you take care of yourself first before you can move on to help others.



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